Whether you are a business executive, world traveler, cultural enthusiast, life-long student, or simply want to learn a language for professional enhancement/advancement, you will find FLS‘s customized training solution to be among the most effective, flexible and enjoyable programs available.

At the core of FLS‘s successful language programs is a unique instructional method that consistently produces the fastest learning and highest long-term retention rate.

ENGLISH                       FRENCH                          SPANISH                                CHINESE

GERMAN                       ITALIAN                          RUSSIAN                                GREEK

JAPANESE                    KOREAN                          HEBREW                                PORTUGUESE

Headquartered in Amacil, we teach in homes, businesses, schools, and in government buildings nationwide.

Whether your needs are local, or global, we have the knowledge, the people and the experience to help you excel with your educational needs.

Choose Famlang Language School with confidence today. Famlang Language School is a subsidiary of Famlang International Language Center.

Contact a language coordinator.

7 thoughts on “Language

  1. Famlang is the place for you if you want to learn German. Excellent Teaching Method. You get far more than your expectations. Famlang makes the language as Easy as ABC.


  2. Famlang, the best language center in Port Harcourt, I never regret making the choice of coming there, it was God’s direction indeed…..


  3. There are no words that can fully describe my experience in FAMLANG. I have learnt French, Spanish and German in the most professional way possible. FAMLANG is obviously the foundation of International Languages in Rivers State.


  4. It has been a wonderful experience here at Famlang , the Instructors are very friendly and kind but also very professional. The learning style and atmosphere at Famlang language center is fantastic and i would recommend Famlang to anyone who wants to Acquire certified verbal and writing skills in any foreign language.


  5. Famlang is a great centre for learning with awesome learning enhancing facilities and conducive environment for learning. A true and best place to learn the language of your dreams or need.


  6. My learning German at Famlang was the smartest decision I ever made. Not only did I get a qualified tutor, the teaching method and resources all played their parts and helped me score above 80% in the 2 exams I wrote (A2 & B1). Now I can go ahead and process my admission thanks to FAMLANG.


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