language learning tip 1

Language learning is serious business. If you want to learn a new language, then you have to make up your mind and be ready to see it through. Attitude is the key to your success or failure in your quest for a new language. Be sure to start when and only when you are ready.


Choose a language

You will surely want to be careful here when choosing a language to learn. Some people make the mistake of choosing a language just for the fun of it. You should by now know that learning a new language is serious business and this requires time. Unless you are the type to waste your time just for the fun of it, I suggest you take your time and in choosing the next foreign language you want to learn. Below are a few question that may guide you but the final decision remains yours:

  1. What do I want to use the language for?
  2. How long can I keep up learning the language?
  3. How related is the language to my first language?
  4. How can I easily get study material for the language?

The most important point is the reason you want to learn a new language. This reason should be motivating enough to keep you going even when you feel completely down.

STEP #3:

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