language learning tip 1

Language learning is serious business. If you want to learn a new language, then you have to make up your mind and be ready to see it through. Attitude is the key to your success or failure in your quest for a new language. Be sure to start when and only when you are ready.


Choose a language

You will surely want to be careful here when choosing a language to learn. Some people make the mistake of choosing a language just for the fun of it. You should by now know that learning a new language is serious business and this requires time. Unless you are the type to waste your time just for the fun of it, I suggest you take your time and in choosing the next foreign language you want to learn. Below are a few question that may guide you but the final decision remains yours:

  1. What do I want to use the language for?
  2. How long can I keep up learning the language?
  3. How related is the language to my first language?
  4. How can I easily get study material for the language?

The most important point is the reason you want to learn a new language. This reason should be motivating enough to keep you going even when you feel completely down.


language learning 3.jpg

Half of the job is done when you know the level you aim to attain and how long it will take you to reach this height. This tip is used to work against being discouraged. Language is categorized into:

A1/A2 – Beginner

B1/B2 – Intermediate

C1/C2 – Advanced

What you need to use the language for, can help you determine the level best suitable for you. For example, a tourist can decide to end with the A1; but anyone who wants to use the language to work or study will soon find out that A-level is way below what is expected of him and should go for either B1 or B2.

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