How To Fast Track Your Chance of Becoming a UN Employee

How to Get UN jobs

Mark attended the University of Harvard. He graduated as one of the best in his class and was endorsed by his HOD as a man of exemplary character but he couldn’t land the job of his dreams- the job of working with the United Nation.

Why has Mark failed to land the job so far?

From the above, we can see that Mark has two competencies.

  1. Academic Competency- This can be seen in Mark graduating at the top of his class
  2. Excellent Character

While these two competencies are key to landing a UN job, you need to understand that there are other requirements which may be written or unwritten.

Though I cannot say with certainty why Mark was unable to land the job despite being among the best- on analysis of Mark CV, two key things were absent.

  1. Ability to Speak a Foreign Language or Second Language
  2. No Volunteering Experience

How Speaking a Foreign Language can Land You a UN Job

As most jobs advertised online, UN jobs are location dependent. This means that you are expected to work from a particular location.

The job requires you to have the ability to speak the local dialect of the people. While this may not be the most important factor, any person who has the ability to speak the dialect of the area where you are to be posted will definitely have an advantage over you.

For example, if a UN Job has its location in any French-speaking nation, you know that the first requirement is your ability for you to communicate in French.

This is why at Famlang we encourage people to learn a second or third language because it could just be the skill hindering you from landing your dream job.

If you are based in Port Harcourt, acquiring a foreign language skill has become easier. This is because Famlang has developed a curriculum that makes it easy for you to learn a foreign language within three months.

The Importance of Volunteering to Landing a UN job

As I mentioned earlier, volunteering was also missing from Mark CV.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term volunteering, volunteering simply means committing your energy to helping others for something you feel passionate about without receiving any compulsory monetary reward.

What this means is that when you become a volunteer, you are working for free.

For those of you who are John Grisham’s fans, I am sure you must have come across the word –probono. Pro bono is a French word used mostly by lawyers to show that they are offering their services for free.

So in volunteering, you offer your service for free. However, you should understand that why you offer your service for free there are benefits that will accrue to you. And this is what I will be highlighting in subsequent paragraphs.

How The Power of Free(Volunteering) Can Advance Your Career

  1. Volunteering Exposes You To New Connections

Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to meet new people who have experience in your chosen career path. By working with them as a volunteer, you can be able to build new relationships that will help you in your career path.


Your new connection can:

-Provide you with candid advice that will help fast track you along your career path

-Become a referee for you when you apply for a given job.

-Assist you when you faced with on the job challenge

  1. Volunteering Provides You with New Skills

Many graduates don’t understand how important volunteering is to their career success. As a result, they jettison the career of their dreams in order to make money. A better path would have been to seek for internship opportunities in companies where they can garner the requisite skills that will help them in their dream career path.

For example, a person who is seeking for a Job in United Nation can join the Red Cross. Joining the Red Cross will give the person an Edge when applying for a UN job especially in UN organization like UNICEF. This is because the individual will have learned skills like how to conduct a CPR and to manage accident victims. These skills will be useful when the person applies to UNICEF.

  1. Volunteering Shows Hiring Managers that You are Passionate

Volunteering shows hiring managers that you are passionate about the job. It gives job seekers an advantage to secure a job.

This because recruiters look out for people who are not looking for a job because of money but because of the passion they have for the job.

So if you desire to get a UN jobs do not make these mistakes Mark made. Take up a language course and add volunteering jobs to your CV.

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